With love from the make shift potting bench.

Hey Guys and Gals,

Thought I would add a little update.

It is beautiful day hear in Hawaii. A stunningly beautiful day in fact. The sun is shinning, the water is neon blue, the waves are picking up and crashing on the shore.  I am standing at a little make shift potting bench feeling the sun on my skin and listening to the sea and singing birds. What I am doing you may ask? Starting seeds.

The breeze which smells of salt water and sweet tropical flowers is begining to pick up and swirl around my seeds and seed packets…threatening to take them away. Which to honest with you I am totally fine with. I figure if the wind wants to help me by spreading my seed (that sounds weird but you get what I mean) I am fine with that because I can take all the help I can get!

With love from the make shift potting bench,