Yesterday’s sunset

Yesterday’s sunset was amazing!

So amazing that when I turned to look back and get one more glimpse as I left the room I slipped on the top step of a flight of stairs and slid all the way to the bottom. Don’t worry guys my tail bone and elbow broke the fall. The only thing hurt here is my pride. Why do you ask? Because there are twelve people staying at the Bed and Breakfast from Canada and they got to hear the whole thing.

“Are you OK?” and “Is everything alright up there?” is what I heard come from the down stairs. As I hobbled back up the stairs and to my room to lick my wounds I managed to utter out “It’s alright I just dropped something…yeah I dropped something like my whole body.

They day wasn’t over for me I still had work to do. Once I was done licking my wounds I limped back down stairs to my make shift potting bench where I finished putting all my seeds in planting trays. While I was finishing up the following things happened.

1. I whimpered…a lot

2. I prayed for rain (we are in a massive drought which ok this is our dry season. I am happy about this I feel as though the weeds are controllable. On the other hand our fruit trees are looking a little sad) and whimpered more.

3. Realized I was late in getting out to feed my two best friends. I decided after my tumble I would just drive rather than walk. So I took 7 minutes to drive to a place that would take me 2 minutes to walk to. I felt I deserved that much.

Moki was waiting for my. I love you Moki Boy I love you much! 

4. When leaving my love Moki and Delia I told my self to remember to: go back to make shift potting bench and get my notebook (in case it rains as I prayed)…oh yes and remember to get Coco’s bed bring it in…oh yeah don’t forget to put the seeds away…pick some herbs for tomorrow’s breakfast for the guests, grind coffee for tomorrow breakfast before it is too late oh wait one more thing wash the king sheets to change out one of the guest rooms. This is the running list I had in my head.

5. I forgot everything, talked with my guests from Canada, and took a hot bath.

Seems my prayers worked. In the middle of the night I awoke to hear the rain falling on our roof. I awoke only long enough to smell the rain in the air and feel the aching of my tail bone then back to sleep.

This morning I went out to my garden ready to work my elbow hurting and sore and I found…my note book drenched, coco’s bed dripping wet and my seeds every where. I had forgotten my entire list…but I remember the sunset and have the aches and pains to prove it….The End