To be honest with you the word farm is rather intimidating to me.

Ok so I have mentioned this before but I am a new gardener. I have always had a garden nothing fancy and certainly nothing more than a few square feet. This blog is my journey about gardening one acre. As I said before the question remains: what can one woman, a novice do with one acre in one year?

Well…I received an email the other day and the person who wrote me asked Is this a farm? Will it be a farm? Are you a farmer? questions like that. My answer No. No to all. I am not a farmer. This isn’t a farm.This is a Bed and Breakfast on 5 acres. I am cultivating one acre of land that is not being used for anything else other than growing weeds.

To be honest with you the word farm is rather intimidating to me. It feels so official. It feels like I should really know what I am doing here. Like I should be ready to feed not only Hawaii but America as well. It makes me want to hid under my bed or take up sewing instead. One woman one quilt one year. I would like to consider this a one acre culinary garden. Garden on the other hand make me think of a tranquil cottage on a country estate. Culinary makes me think of eating…that makes me happy. So Culinary garden it is.

The acre culinary garden will have both edibles and non edibles. I really enjoy fragrant flowers and I think that they should have a place in my garden. This will be 90% food for sure as this is an experiment in growing my own food. Remember a project to see what can one person do with one acre in one year? Even better a novice, the average person with the average amount of gardening experience.

This week I started a massive amount of seeds and worked a great deal in the garden. I realized that I am in serious need of help so I called in the reinforcements. AKA this Kid and one of his buddies. Side note: Can we say amen for kids who will work for gas money to get to their next surf destination! Amen!

This week it will be the one woman, Innkeeper (twelve people here on holiday from Canada they leave February 15) and business owner (Farm to Fork Hawaii dinner is this Friday 17),  plus two surf punks and a one acre project. I will let you know how it evolves.

One last thing before I leave you. Now that I am gardening one acre I have millions and millions of questions about everything pests, mulch, fertilizer, soil PH, black wholes in the universe, why do I keep getting split ends when I am using a great conditioner…you know stuff like that. So I am thinking of adding an advise column to my blog. A friend of mine is a real Farmer, Master Gardener, and all around savvy lady. We could ask her questions about stuff like this beetle that is having his way with my Poha Berries!

My question to you is this. Would you like to see an advise column on here? Would you write in with questions? Let me know I am just curious. Kind of like a Dear Abbey but for Gardening. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Until next time,