The last four days…

Here it goes….

Thursday the 16th 12 people from Canada checked out of the Bed and Breakfast. I was grateful for only one reason. I no longer have to wake up at 4:30  in the morning. I was sad for another reason. I really liked them and I didn’t want them to go. But I had a whole lot of cleaning to do. In fact it was rather over whelming.

Friday the 17th we had our Farm to Fork dinner. Chef Devin Lowder and Chef Hector Wong exceeded our hopes. It was out of this world and totally amazing the food incredible and tasty! We sold out of tickets and had a small waiting list. This made us very happy. This made us very exhausted. This made me really really exhausted.  I have considered sleeping standing up. I hear it is under rated.

In November I had planted a ton of herbs and edible flowers like Nasturtium. We made all kinds of lovely arrangements and centerpieces from the herbs they were really lovely! They were fragrant and colorful I even caught a few people nibbling on them.

Yesterday, Saturday the 18th half way through a day of trying to clean up the tables and chairs and wash linens I decided to give up and rest. I felt it best to lie down and watch and movie. Netflix suggested, based on previous movie rentals, Jude. Jude is a movie based on Thomas Hardy’s last novel Jude the Obscure. It had Kate Winslet and Christopher Eccleston in it.  The ending was so sad and heart breaking. I won’t spoil it for you. It left me with a deep ache in my heart so much so that I had a movie hang over. Have you ever had a sad movie hang over? You know when you watch a dark sad movie and the rest of the evening you feel a little down. Then you wake up thinking about it. You just feel sad every time you think about that movie? Well, that feeling has lingered with me all day.

Thankfully today February 19th I wandered out into the garden where I forgot about Jude for a short bit. While wandering around my garden it occurred to me that I should share with you the fruit trees and edible plants that already existed prior to my one-acre project.

Here is a list:

2 Tangelo tree

2 Papaya trees

8 Mango trees (several unknown yet very tasty varieties)

3 Banana plants

3 Meyer lemon trees

100 White Pineapples

3 Fig trees

1 Buddha Hand Citron

1 Late Lane orange tree

Various Herbs

Edible Orchids

Greg Smith the Farmer that inspired my one-acre project gifted me with a Pomegranate tree. I am currently looking for the perfect place to plant it. I want the tree to have a terrific home, as it was a gift.

This past week I came very very close to finishing 700 sq. I have a few finishing touches and then I can consider it done. Well, when I say done, it is a relative term as the plants will revolve and be plucked from their beds for eating. So done means the rock-raised beds have been finished. Rock paths have been made. I moved 5,754,987 loads of gravel. My hands are no longer soft and I officially have lower back pains. The pineapples thinned so that the baby pineapples can be planted. The herbs planted in their particular pots and so on.

Soon I will include pictures from my garden. In the mean time I will leave you with this picture from our event. This couple has attended several of our Farm to Fork Hawaii dinners and I had the pleasure of catching this lovely moment. They are so sweet!