Farm to Fork Hawaii

Tomorrow is our big dinner in support of the Avocado Festival

The food will be amazing…heavenly. It always is! I couldn’t help but look back at all the previous dinners as we embark on this fourth dinner. Each one building on the one before it.

Our first dinner was with Daniel Thiebaut’s dinner May 21, 2011. This is Chef Daniel with his Sous Chef. We love Daniel.

This one of Daniel’s appetizers. I call it “Heaven on Bread with juicy tomatoes”

He (Daniel) made this too…I call this”Fire roasted quash heaven soup with a little extra heaven”

Then August 20, 2011  Paul Heerlein Culinary instructor at West Hawaii Community Collage came and made some heaven.

Let me introduce you to…Chef Paul.

Paul made these…”Heavenly ahi cone of with heavenly wasabi aoli”

and then Paul made this for dessert. I called it “heavenly mango heaven with divine raspberry sauce from heaven”

Then October 22, 2012 Chef Devin Lowder did an Ocktoberfest themed dinner. The is Chef Devin.

I like this picture the Master at work. Chef Devin’s wife likes the picture too. She made a comment about it that made me laugh.

He (Chef Devin) made this “Guava smoked pork tenderloin heaven with ulu heavenly heaven

and my favorite a comfort food “pretzels hand made boiled then baked sent from heaven”

Tomorrow I will most defiantly┬ábe visiting heaven again. Chef Devin Lowder will be making another amazing meal and pastry Chef Hector Wong will be making an avocado chocolate cake called “Chocolate Oblivion” or I would call it “Heavenly Chocolate Oblivion”

I may die and go to…Heaven!