The benefits of aquaponics.

Hey everyone!

So now that we know the difference between aquaponics and hydroponics, let’s look at the benefits of choosing aquaponics.

There are many benefits to incorporating aquaponics into your farming practices.  Here are ten reasons:

  1. Saving water – aquaponics uses 98% less water than traditional farming. Once you fill your system, it is rare that you need to refill it;
  2. Ground pests are no longer an issue;
  3. No hand weeding – let’s just say that one more time and take a big sigh of relief when you do! No weeding….a    aaaaahhhhha;
  4. This maybe the most controversial. Aquaponics is organic, that is not the controversial part, but this is, it is said that aquaponics takes organic to the next level. Why? Well, you can not add anything to your system that may kill the fish. No pesticides, no oils, no soaps…nothing. There is no cheating on this, because like I said if you cheat you kill your fish and then you have to start over. There are things you can do for your plants to kill off certain pests but they are all organic and natural;
  5. Plants grown faster. There is literature that says that plants will grow twice as fast;
  6.  You can grow a 10 times as many plants in the same amount of space. You can grow plants together in a much closer area because of the floating raft system;
  7. Aquaponics is a two-source income;
  8. Aquaponics uses 70% less energy than traditional farming practices;
  9. You can grow with aquaponics on any scale, from a counter top herb garden to a large back yard system to a commercial size system;
  10.  It is an above ground system.

I chose aquaponics for a reason number 10. Where I live you would think that were farming rocks. There are rocks…rocks and well…more rocks. The real pleasure about farming where I live is that when you dig down, guess what, you will find more rocks. Awesome right!

When I started my one-acre project, it became apparent rather quickly that I would need to build a lot of raised beds or find some other alternative. I priced out lumber, soil, and soil amendments. Next I priced out an aquaponics system. I realized that although the aquaponics was just a wee bit more expensive, the benefits of aquaponics made it a much more attractive option than raised beds.

Tomorrow, I am going to introduce you to my system and explain all the components. I will also review the types of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in an aquaponics system. Then the following day I am going to introduce you to Zac Hosler from Living Aquaponics Farm Inc.

In the mean time here are a few of my favorite aquaponics resources:

Living Aquaponics

The Aquaponic Gardening Community

Friendly Aquaponics

ATOLL – Aquaculture Training Online Learning

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