Here she is…the even larger passion project.

Farm to Fork Hawaii is my passion project. Well…my little passion project gave birth to an even larger passion project.

Here is the story of the even larger project.

In May of 2011, I had my first Farm to Fork dinner. I was a ball of nerves. I calmed down after wine the guests arrived. During our first dinner farmer Greg Smith said something that will stick with me forever. While talking about agriculture and food security on our island he said, “We can not rely on one farmer with 1,300 acres; we need 1,300 people with one acre each to create food security.”

Greg’s words bounced around in my head for a few months. Soon, I found myself consumed with the idea of growing an acre of food.

In my naive state, I thought that it would be a case of simple math. One acre is 43,560 square feet. If I worked in my garden every day, I would have to plant out 120 square feet per day to be done in one year. I thought that’s nothing…it’s like a 10×10 square!  

I was wrong. I was humbled by my ambitions, my full time job, Farm to Fork, and an attempt at maintaining my mediocre social life. Eventually, I wised up and got my act together. It took a while, but I finally got a momentum going. You could say that in someways the even larger passion project has become all consuming, educational, and something to pour my heart and soul into.

Simple math! Yeah…not so much.

With out much further ado…here she is the even larger passion project.

A few little points I should make:

1. The land I live on is not mine. My bosses are incredibly lovely people and have let me have fun with my passion projects.

2. The land is just a wee but over 5 acres.

3. I measured incorrectly. I have take on more than an acre. Ok, so it is almost two….acres.

4. I really have a math problem.

Ok thats all. I am thrilled that I finally have a picture to share with you guys that shows the full piece of property.

Coming up next…Aquaponics! Yipee!



6 thoughts on “Here she is…the even larger passion project.

  1. keep sharing your passion, it is truly inspiring!!! I am humbled by your scale, we have a mere 12x20ish foot plot to work, but we love going to hunt for ripe tomatoes and zucchini all the time!

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