Lost posters. They are not to scale.

In my last post I put a few pictures up of things that I had eventually planned on blogging about. This is one of the pictures that I shared.

The story behind the picture is that I was picking up pizzas for everyone who is working on the property right now. The days have been hot and the work has been incredibly strenuous. I felt it was the least I would do.

While I was up at the local pizza place I was looking at the pin board outside the pizza place and I saw this.

My first thought when I see a miss dog poster is always “Oh my god I would die if I lost my dog”.  This thought is always followed by a prayer and a hope that the dog is found and that the dog parent(s) find relief knowing their little pooch is home safe.

This time my hope and prayer was followed by the thought and the observation that the person whom found this dog went through a lot of effort to draw such a nice picture. I admired the line drawing. I was impressed that they included such details like the genitalia. As I began to read all the details of the dog my eyes wandered. Then zeroed in to this.

I read it out loud “not drawn to scale” the I began to giggle. Then I began to laugh. I imagined some smart ass with a sharpee in his pocket. I imagined him waiting for his own pizza. I wondered what inspired him to take the pin from his pocket and make this delightful comment.  Clearly, I was inspired enough to take the camera from my pocket and photograph it. It made me laugh for days I showed it to everyone whom I thought would enjoy it. I heard my carpenter laughing to himself a few time and say “not drawn to scale” the laugh a little more. Let’s just say many people enjoyed the comment.

Fast forward to earlier this week when art imitated life as it always does…or is that life imitating art. My sweet little lab mix Coco decided to take a walk on the wild side and run away from home. Her decision to run away left me feeling frantic and thinking the worst.

I had been working in my garden she was laying on a dirt pile next to me and somewhere between my trip from my veggie patch to the composter to the mulch pile to my veggies Coco snuck off. Once I realized she was gone I took my gloves off  jumped in the car. I hoped that some person with incredible drawing skills would find her and render a terrific life like picture. I drove in a panic to the beach and stuck my head out the window leaning over to a bunch of local guys, who happened to have a very large pack of dogs at their feet, I said in pathetic manner.

“Have any of you seen a really bad dog? She is a yellow lab and she is a really bad dog…She ran away from her mother and she is really bad.”

Turns out they had not seen her. But…they pointed out that each and every one of them had a really bad dog I was welcomed to take home in Coco’s place. After a short drive I found her.

When I got home I thought I should take some “Head Shots” of Coco so if I ever have to make a LOST poster. I won’t have to rely on my poor drawing skills.

These are the official head shots of Coco should she ever go missing.

They are not to scale.


9 thoughts on “Lost posters. They are not to scale.

  1. Luckily for Coco, you’ll never have to use these…guaranteed by the fact that you HAVE them…thus jinxing you in the best of ways 🙂 I was going to add that she doesn’t look reeeeeely bad…but then I took a close look at the pic on the bottom right, kinda sneaky, almost scheming…maybe there’s more to this dog than I know. Better stay on your toes! hugs!!

  2. She does look like a lil schemer on the bottom right, sneaky little angel face. May she always be safe and with her (bad bad girl) mommy.

  3. Funny story! I too am always afraid my dogs will run away and become a greasy spot on the road. At least Coco is a light color. I have a blonde and a black cairn terriers and I literally can’t see Stella the black one at night. Did you have a GPS implanted in Coco? The vet does it and it is not that expensive and great piece of mind.

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