I’ve fallen and can’t get up!!

Well I have said this before it seems to be a reoccurring theme… I have fallen out of blog land and can’t get up. It is true. I am have had a few friends email me and ask me why I have not been keeping up on my blog. So, I am getting back to it as they say. I am going to post some pictures in this blog post of things that I have been doing lately. These are things you will hear more about later. Promise.

Now…along with the pictures you will be viewing you, will be reading a few exerts from the very emails my friends have sent me asking why I have not been posting to my blog. The exerts will include my interpretation. At the end of this blog posting there will be a little quiz.

Email exert 1

“Why aren’t posting on your blog. Is your silence a cry for help!?”

My interpretation of the email.

I miss you so much it hurts.

Email exert 2

“Dude seriously I am a mom!! I don’t have a social life! Could you please share some shit!! Post a picture of a hot surfer or something. “

My interpretation of that satement.

I am operating under the dilution that your mediocre social life is better than mine. I just got out of the house for the first time in a month and saw Magic Mike. I like mens abs.

Email exert 3

“Em I would like some before and after pictures to look at. Next time you post something (will it be this month?) can you or Dirty Diana tell me what potting soil is best to start seeds in?”

My interpretation of this email.

Can you go to the camera store and get a better lens and take more pictures of your horses and your dog and critters and the new duck then post them on you blog. Next can you please have the real gardening expert take over your blog.

Email exert 4

Your silence is deafening

My interpretation

My silence is deafening.

If you are one of the friends that sent me the emails I love you and love that you care and love that you let me play with your email. If you are reading this and have a better or more amusing interpretation of an email exert. Write it and run the risk of winning a treat.



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