Rosie Girl update

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the emails and suggestions regarding Rosie. I love you guys! Turns out her owner was equally concerned and called a vet out to take a look at her. She had a high fever and most likely caused by an infection some where, presumably, in her g.i. track. She is on antibiotics and has been getting serious love from me and my neighbor. She has been soaking up the love and attention, enjoying a carrot or two (approved by the doctor of course!) and more or less getting back to her old self.

Moki on the other hand is having a bit of a hard time not being the center of attention. He isn’t taking it to well.

He has been pouting. Pretending to ignore  me and hiding behind the fence posts. Yet just waiting for me to call him over and  love on him too.

So in a low voice one that was barely audible  I said

“Mooooooooooookkkeeeee….come here Moki boy!”

This is what happened.

Naturally I fed him carrots and loved on him too…

Before I left for the day I gave Rosie one last big hug loved on her just a bit more and thanked her for getting better. I let her know I just wasn’t ready for her to leave me.

As I walked away I turned back.

Someone wanted one more big hug and love too.  I couldn’t help myself I ended up going back and giving Moki some more love. He is getting so insecure not being the center of attention!

Thanks again for all the lovely emails!

Em xoxo

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