Ditch digging.

Hey Friends!

Thanks a million for all your support I received so many lovely emails and nice comments on the post. My Auntie Kay seems to be doing much better. I am doing much better as well After I shared my feelings it seemed that a weight was lifted from my shoulders. So I appreciate you comments and friendship. My mom reports that the Thames was flooded with boats for the Queen’s Jubilee.  In honor of my mom’s trip I have been cramming episodes of Downton Abbey. I just adore that show.

Work and life is charging forward here at the Bed and Breakfast. I will share with you guys the details of the last few days.

1.The sunsets have been amazing! This one was from last night. The entire sky was bathing in a gold hue. Absolutely magnificent!!

2. We have a new team member. Eugene, he has a tractor and a chain saw, and a really cool weed eater. Therefore we love Eugene. He is like Bob the builder only better!

“Hey Eugene is that a laser level… or are you just happy to see me?”

Eugene dug us a giant ditch for irrigation. Which was a very logical step considering that you need irrigation when you are planting fruit tree wholes and expanding your orchard.

As mentioned in the previous statement the boys dug bunch of fruit tree wholes. They also leveled much of the ground in order to make it useable. The ground was full of wholes and rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought that we were farming rocks in these parts.

I will be filling you guys in soon about the Aquaponics System. I am so incredibly happy about the system that I can hardly contain myself. It will be super cool to have. Expect some updates soon.



P.S. Quiz of the day. Think about it. Get back to me.

Is Eugene;

A. Happy to see me?

B. Carrying a laser level?

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