Shade house Part 1

We have been talking about building a shade house here at the Bed and Breakfast for about 2 years. Last week after much deliberation my boss and I finally decided that it was time. We had a lot of pre shade house pre-work. Which included but not limited to the following actions:

Weeding (guess who that is)


removing large rocks…


shoveling rocks…

Laying down card board and weed mat…

Shoveling and moving 5,698,752 loads of gravel…

Raking and leveling the ground of the shade house…

Playing rock paper scissors. After all how else would we know who is going to move the final 752 loads of gravel?

This all in prep of what will be a glorious place to house all of our plants, dirt, chicken pooh, neem cake, sea weed fetilizers, seeds, etc…

Stay tuned to see the end product.



4 thoughts on “Shade house Part 1

  1. This looks like quite the project! How is a shade house different form a green house?
    Do you not need green houses in Hawaii? Is this going to be a place for starting plants for the plant beds for the “one acre” project?


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