He is a mystery

A while back I introduced you the Gardener Extraordinaire Dish Ninja. GE is a an extrovert and joker he keeps me laughing. I mean how could I not laugh when he does this ALL THE TIME!! I am gonna be honest with you. I can’t manage a Bed and Breakfast, run my business, and do the whole one acre project with out have a few good men to lean on…literally and figuratively. So with that being said, I have someone new to introduce. This is the Farmer Extraordinaire.

He is not only the Farmer Extraordinaire he is also a mystery. You may never see his face. He is shy and a joker too. He also keeps me laughing. He has the most incredible ability to turn his head at the perfect time so I never get his face.

Example 1

Example 2

I think that he would prefer it this way. I think that he would prefer that you never see him. He would prefer to remain a mystery. So with that being said I am going to leave you with  this last picture.

The mysterious Farmer Extraordinaire working diligently

Love, EM

3 thoughts on “He is a mystery

  1. Wow, looks like you have some good workers to help wih your project. Maybe at the end of this part of the project, the fela will agree to ag celebratory group picture with all the characters involved. That would be great for this of us who are strating to follow your blog. WMP

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