Locavore goodness

Farm to Fork Hawaii presents:
A Locavore dinner under the stars at Kealakekua Bay Bed and Breakfast

Chef Peter N. Abarcar Jr. the Executive Chef of Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel/Mauna Kea Resort has designed an exquisite dinner with wine pairings for each course and delicious appetizers to begin the evening.

The menu will highlight local in season produce from Adaptations Farm, 100% Kona coffee from Diana Duff of Hoku Farms.

Tickets are $85.00 all inclusive. For more information about Farm to Fork events visit our web site at www.farmtoforkhawaii.com or by calling Emily Peacock (808) 640-0406

Getting back to it…

Before I head out for the holidays I am tending to my one acre and packing as much work in as possible so I don’t fall to far behind. Planting and repotting. Harvesting and pruning and sleeping standing up. It’s what i’m doing.

From the beach with love.

I know that sweet little kid trying to figure out the leash on his boogie board. I love that little kid trying to figure out the leash on his boogie board. I changed his diapers. He is 13 now. He is taller than me. He would appreciate it if I didn’t hug him in public. I think that is tragic by the way! A godmother should always be able to hug her little love in public. At least that is what I think.

With such beautiful sunny days it is hard to get into the holiday spirit. I haven’t sent one Christmas card …sorry family. I haven’t purchased one gift sorry family. I have on the other had enjoyed these last few amazing days. I am ok with this. I think. The end. Until next time. Over and out.

From the beach with Love,