Sweet Stella

I had this whole blog planned to talk about the “Brainstorming and Beer BBQ” I had to start off my Once-Acre project. However my blog subject changed to my dear sweet cat Stella. I can’t stop thinking about her so I thought I would write about her instead. Writing is my therapy and this blog is like my new journal. Meet Stella…

She had personality. Almost every guest that stayed at the Bed and Breakfast adored her. Stella always wanted to be an only child. Man did she ever want to be an only child. She wanted to be an indoor cat too with all the wet food, fresh fish, and tenderloin that one beautiful cat could handle. Unfortunately though she was an outdoor cat and had a sister named Coco. She did have wet food, fish, and tenderloin which may or may not have made up for being an outdoor cat and sister to a hipper active lab. Stella was a good friend. I loved her dearly.

Stella like most cats liked to play hard to get unless there was food involved. The day I took this picture I was trying to capture her amazing blue eyes. So I did an Army crawl through the carport an under tables and chairs covering myself in spider webs and fearing I would get bitten by a centipede. As I crawled on my belly I laughed to myself imagining what it looked like to the guests at the Bed and Breakfast. Suddenly my laughter turned to fear. Fear of what they would write on trip advisor. Naturally, I explained the situation and reassured them I would wash my hands before making them breakfast.

Coco wanted so badly to be best friends with Stella. Unfortunately but Stella always had a “my name is Stella Montoya. You licked my face prepare to die” attitude.

This week Stella let Coco groom her, lick her ears, and sniff her hinny. That was how I knew Stella was not right. She would just lay there and let Coco have her way.  Then I noticed that she stopped eating and a few other things happened that I am not prepared to talk about. So Saturday I made a very tearful very difficult decision that ended up with a trip to the vet’s office. While I waited in the vet’s office I pet her and cried for what felt like an eternity. I thanked her for being a good friend. Told her about the happiness she brought me and how she enriched my life. I whispered that I loved her and told her where we would put her to rest. It was hard. God it was so hard. But it was the right thing to do.

This is such a sweet picture. It makes me tear up because she loved our landscaper. She would follow him around and wait for him to give her some love and attention. When I was trying to get this picture I couldn’t get her to lift her head so I had him come over and pet her and give her a little love. Look at her face she is smiling.

This was the last picture I took of her. I loved her. I will miss her. Coco, our landscapers, and our guests will miss her too.

I am so glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for listening.





Things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving…

Aloha Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday it is the perfect mixture of gratitude and nourishing tasty food. Most of the time I use my journal as a place to reflect on what I am grateful for but since this is a new type of journal I will share what I am grateful for with you here.

I am grateful that:

My Family is healthy happy and whole. That being the most important thing.

I have a terrific best friend who walks with me every morning, cuddles with me every night, and provides comic relief every day.

That at 35 my Dad still holds my hand when we cross the street and calls me his little girl.

That my mom continues to quiets my fears with her calming voice and solid advice. That she is the most consistent and true best friend that I have ever known.

That my older brother will tell me that I am the coolest little sister ever and then in the same breath says …but in a dorky sort of a way.

For my growing friendship with my sister-in-law Amy and for my precious lively adorable niece.

That my cousin Darcie is always up to drink a bottle of wine with me and prank text family members. That she ends every conversation and text to me with  I wanna pinch your hinny.

For a my WSM (wicked step mom who is not wicked at all) whose patients is saintly and humor lightens ever tense conversation I have ever had with my dad. And…who lets me call and share hilarious dating advise suggestions that my dad gives me.

For my three-step sisters who I have grown up with. Even when we haven’t seen each other in a year when we are together we can all roll our eyes at my dad’s dating advise suggestions in unison with out skipping a beat.

For reconnecting with my childhood best friend KBBK and for maintaining my relationships with nearest and dearest friends and for making new ones.

That my 13-year-old godson is still sweet and cuddly even if he will no longer allow me to hug him in public. That his imagination is equally matched with analytical skills.

For terrific employers, whom are my friends as well, and allow me to run with a crazy projects like the one woman one acre one year project.

That at  my Gigi (grandmother) is healthy and still has the most wonderful dry and witty sense of humor. That she will let me crawl into bed and take a nap along side her even though I am an adult now and she is falling apart. (Those are her words.)

And…for the beauty that I live in. For the beauty that we all live in.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Much love and Aloha,


Cloudy days rainy nights

I am a day dreamer and a lover of clouds. I have always loved studying the clouds watching how they could go from fluffy pillows to threatening so quickly. Yesterday we had some serious clouds in the morning and before it knew these cloud produced a mighty rain. It came on so quickly that I hardly managed to grab my camera but when I did this is what I caught.

I have always enjoyed a good storm. In this case it saved me from watering my garden. A sincere thank you to Mother Nature for this one.

Awe…one more look at the threatening clouds.

Have a great day friends! Love & Aloha,


Bugs and Babies

Hawaiian word of the day Keiki: Keiki meaning baby.

Today I worked diligently in my garden. I had a goal and I was going to meet it. I wanted to see the fruits (hardy har har) of my labor by nightfall. I wanted to see all my flowers at home in their perfect spots see my veggies planted in their appropriate places and cross things off my list. I was determined.

Until…my mind wandered and my body followed. I wandered over to my newly planted veggies and got so excited to see all the little Keikis.


 Butternut squash.

Peek a boo pretty pineapple. And…more cucumbers and kale than I can keep up with.

While patting myself on the back and marveling at my small accomplishment I found something that was very displeasing. Much to my dismay I found friends uninvited friends. Party crashers. I was not too happy about these Bugs.

Here! Here is the proof. Look at all those hole in the leaves.They are eating my star fruit! Buttheads! Little party crashing buttheads.

I furrowed my brow immediately. I squinted my eyes. Because that is a very useful tactic when faced with a problem like pests in your garden. Furrowing my brow and squinting also happens to be putting me on fast track to needing Botox. It’s just a nice side effect.

I diagnosed the situation and Houston we have a problem

Rose beetles and white fly. I will take them on. Head on. I will not stop until they have left my little keikis alone.

Plan of action: I am making up a batch on neem and soap. Which I will use to kill they white fly and it will hopefully help with the rose beetle. I will then call my  dermatologist sign up for Botov and a chemical peel. Stat.

Actually I will only do the neem thing needles freak me out. I will also be talking with my serious farmer friends. I will not rest until this problem is solved. I will not! Ok maybe I will rest. I just won’t rest well…so there!

I will let you guys know how it all works out.


Mad as hell and I’m not taking it any more, Em

I love this kid!

This is totally relevant to my one acre project. I swear. This kid, the one below. The one who won’t look at the camera. He’s my helper. I love him. He’s sweet, adorable, and a pain in the ass!

Side note: He won’t look at the camera because he’s single. Very very single. I told him I would help him find his goddess. When I said that he laughed and looked at the ground. Did I say that I love this kid!?

There are many characters in my life. Some I can live with and some I could live with out. This kid!! Surf punk and sweet heart all wrapped up in one ball of sarcastic fun. He has been in my life since he was 14 years old now he is the ripe old age of 20. When I have a Farm to Fork dinners he is my dish ninja. Every Wednesday he is my gardener extraordinaire. I am not so sure I could live with him. In fact I know my life would be a little less colorful with out him so I am keeping him.

Even if he doesn’t take me so seriously.

You will here more about him as this blog goes on. So allow me to introduce to the Dish Ninja Gardener Extraordinaire. He cleans up well. See! Here he is looking super fab at Farm to Fork Hawaii.

Today is Wednesday! He is mowing the lawn and taking orders well. Not. He laughs when I give him directions and sometime rolls his eyes. Which makes me laugh. I had better go chat with the Gardener Extraordinaire. Let him know I am dilligantly working to find him his lady love. He will be so happy. Not.

Talk to you soon,